Custom built analytical technology

We develop complete out of the box analytical technologies (hard and software). From prototype to turnkey installations! We provide OEM systems for digital video microscopy, electron microscopy, spectroscopy (FTIR, UV, VIS, Raman, mass, fiber optics, probes), EDXRF, cooling and heating stages, sampling accessories, micro plate readers, machine vision and related components (cameras, lenses, illumination), robotics, positioning systems, particle size and material analysis, forensic, security, identification and sorting, bench top as well as fully automated high throughput analytical systems.

From idea to full implementation!

For most companies and institutes the development of a new technology is a very expensive journey! All aspects in the road which leads to the finished end product cost money! We have offered for many renowned companies our help in getting them fast in track and with considerably lower costs. The service we provide relates to different disciplines (i.e. applied microscopy, machine vision, Spectroscopy and others). In this process we not only use the best of our capabilities, but we also adhere to any desired non disclosure agreement. Moreover we use modern accepted project management disciplines to carry out our tasks in time, in spec and in budget.

Project Management

A successful project is a project which is delivered: On time, within budget meets, specifications meets, or exceeds customer expectations. Major project stakeholders agree that the project is a success well after it is completed. We provide solutions for various industries as well as institutes. Our skills and experience give our clients a unique service which has both commercial and technical focus. We provide total analytical packages fully adapted to the demands of our customers. We offer to our customers one partner, one point of contact to handle all aspects related with their specific needs.



Particle Size Analysis

Heating and Cooling Stages

Flash Point Analyzers

XRF Spectrometers


3D Laser Topography

Forensic Analysis

Microplate Reader


Lab Robot Systems


Custom Built

About Microptik

Microptik is a fast growing international operating company producing High Tech analytical products, based on machine vision, spectroscopy and automation, selling to customers all over the world. Our innovative products find their use in numerous applications in renowned companies and institutes.

Microptik develops complete systems for in areas of image analysis. We build complete solutions hardware and software. We provide scientists, researchers, quality assurance persons customized solutions to build or improve their quality inspection systems.

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