Our company

Eskan Teb Asia as a well know Medical , Laboratory and Life science company with 29 years of experience supported by a professional team of specialists and technicians . We have a good background and experience on Diagnostic and Research Reagents and Devices in the Field of : Pathology , Immunology , Oncology , Allergy , Molecular Biology , Biochemistry , Antibodies ,Immunohistochemistry (IHC) , Microbiology , Veterinary . Iran with population of about 80.000.000 people, which have about 900 Hospitals (governmental and private); about 5000 Labs , 3000 Clinic and a lot of Research centers, Should be huge market to invest.

Vision & Mission

- Make people’s lives better
- Shaping the advancement of healthcare
- We want the products to solve real issues
- Support a new gold standard in diagnostic testing
- Make the working life of those who use our products easier
- Enables personalized molecular testing in a wide variety of medical settings
- Delivers innovative and vital solutions to the pharmaceutical and healthcare market
- We continue to create unique and innovative values, while building trust and confidence
- Providing highly automated instruments in combination with novel and broadly applicable molecular diagnostic
- Aims to make personalized medicine an everyday reality, by providing direct access to molecular diagnostics information close to the clinical decision-making point


اسکان طب آسیا اسکان طب آسیا